Search of portraits

I had a homework to paint a portrait in a more traditional manner – possibly the closest style would be impressionism. I failed 50% of this task because I did paint portraits (3 of them), yet not in the manner required. Each time I sat down to do it, my own painting style that has already established itself within me would burst out as a synthesis of the new skills and techniques I already know. The paintings are beautiful, but still – I’m failing my homework. Having one day left before going back to the studio, I’ll do what any self-respecting student does – do the homework at the last minute (or night).

To do it, I first want to find a good portrait, so I can study the lines and forms, the shading and try to replicate it by understanding how it is built. Below is a compilation of such manner portraits (and occasional figures) I found in some of the books at home that I find most interesting.

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