My visit to the Art Fair Basel 2021, Vol 1: Liste Art Fair

Thanks to a friend, I am lucky to see what’s on this year for an enormous amount of galleries that have gathered in Basel, Switzerland to showcase their artists and sell their works. This has been the first day and I’m already so pleasantly surprised.

The first part we got to see was an opening and the pavilion of Liste Art Fair, right next to Messe Basel where the main Basel Art Fair is happening.

Before attending the art fair

I’d suggest to come the day before your reserved time slot or some hours before – the cues at the welcome tent and then also the COVID wristband (so you don’t have to show your certificate/test each time you go somewhere) tent are there – will save you a lot of time and spare you the worry to be late.

Liste Art Fair

There are 78 galleries represented, all with booths in a circular manner – a great form allowing to dynamically see all the artworks. Some – known, some – unknown names of the artists and galleries form sort of a Sun of art.

The map of Liste Art Fair 2021 in the fairs’ booklet.

I add a compilation of my favourites:

One booth that stood out was the work represented by the Osnova art gallery in Moscow. They showcased a strategic game which first appeared in art shows couple of years ago and offered an interactive experience in understanding how cooperation is build. The game is presenting various political, economical and environmental challenges and threats that need to be addressed – it was developed for CIA agents to develop their alliances making skills. During the art fair, the gallery also offers to participate in couple of time slots when their personnel is offering to play it. I waited for my turn and played it together with two fairs’ visitors from Switzerland with whom we were playing out the scenario of cyber threat in various environments. At first it is very abstract but you soon come to understand it and time simply flies – find yourself 45min later engaged in justice and transparency reports for world society. I really enjoyed it and await my CIA certificate in mail any day now 🙂

As someone attending the Liste Art Fair for the first time, I enjoyed each gallery’s booth and works and wish I had even more time at it. It’s compact but rich format is very enjoyable and I hope to visit it again next time!

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