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In my paintings you’ll see summer, details and landscapes in bright and brave colors. It all started long ago with painting over the basement walls of parents house in an attempt to copy old masters

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Conception Art Show

My first exhibit in Manhattan, New York.

After studies at Art Students League of New York in January 2017, I was suggested to look for opportunities to exhibit in town and show my work to locals. 11 months later I was putting up my booth with oil paintings at lower Manhattan, part of Conception Arts Show. My paintings portrayed scenes from Latvia beach town Jurmala – sea side, swimmers, grandmothers playing with their grandchildren, seagulls lounging on the Jurmala classic blue trash bins and the calmness of sea.

The exhibit was on 30th November 2017, at M1-5 Lounge, 52 Walker Street, Manhattan, New York! It’s a single day event for emerging artists, curators, media and art admirers. To see more, please visit