My trip to Basel Art Fair, Vol 3: Messe

There’s a lot more to see and experience, other then the main Art Basel event at Messe. But for the sake of time, I’m sharing my top highlights that touched my soul.

Side note: navigating the art fairs at Basel

I can reshare what I was told by an art curator at June Art Fair – at Basel, the Liste Art Fair is like a starting point and there’s limited amount of times you can participate at it. You, as a gallery, then grow up and go to Messe. However, if you do not wish or can go to Messe straight away (read: afford to pay multiple k’s for participation), you can participate at other fairs happening all around Basel. One of them, and a rather new project, is June Art Fair. On the second floor of Design Miami Basel fair, it offers smaller collection of international galleries filled with interesting artworks. And then there’s also an amazing side to Art Basel – Parcours. Parcours are separate artworks “cast” around Basel in most interesting spaces and places, integrating art and everyday life of locals and visitors of the city. For a tourist like me – it is a great way to get to know Basel, by following the map of various Parcours artworks. A big thank you to the organisers of each of these art functions. You can also see Volta as well as Basel Photo fair, as well as Video art fair abs sooooo many more that it is unbelievable how diverse and dynamic yet at the same time somehow well organised is the art worlds when it comes to coming together.


The main event at Art Basel is the show at Messe Basel, the main exhibition hall with the largest amount of galleries exhibiting their works. So on the second day we went to see it, and here are my top highlights:

I loved a lot of other paintings, similarly – I had no reaction to even more artworks. However I’m amazed of the saturation of thoughts and ideas and I definitely look forward to the next Art Basel.

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