My visit to the Art Fair Basel 2021, Vol 2: Unlimited

Basel Art Fair is a Mecca that gathers all who is anyone and everyone in the art world. While it’s main show is at Messe Basel, around it various partnering art fairs make their mark with numerous artists works. One such part is the Unlimited sector of Basel Art Fair, the place for large-scale art objects.

Being a first-time guest at Unlimited, I read on Artnet that this year’s presentation is the largest the fair has seen, with 62 standalone projects curated for the first time by Giovanni Carmine, director of Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen.

There are large paintings, some installations and a bread house 😉

My favourites –

There was also a piece by Julius Von Bismarck – a high sea buoy. The artist says he attached a gps mechanism to the buoy to track its movement in the sea and simulated the same pattern speed and strength by installing it as a light-weight object here. It’s somehow very hypnotic to look at, as if you are in the sea, really.


And the last but not least – the ultimate dream come true – a house made of bread! It smells and looks exactly as you would imagine (?!) a bread house would do! Its invigorating to various senses, mainly the want for a crunchy bagel 💛

Untitled (bread house) by Urs Fischer, represented by Jeffrey Deitch.

Thank you to all of Unlimited for this immersive experience!

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