FINE ART Diana Dzene

Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.”

I am a painter from Riga, Latvia – a country by the beautiful Baltic Sea in Northern part of Europe.

Having professed a career in a different area then art, painting has been my passion ever since I remember myself, an inevitable interest along all times. It has brought me to realize how painting can bring extraordinary freedom, hope and love. It all started with painting over the basement walls of my parents’ house in an attempt to copy old masters. It led to painting on porcelain, fabric and other materials.  

I got down to books, google, parents and other smart people to soak up as much information and skills I could to learn the art of oil painting on canvas (as basement walls are not something easily available wherever one goes:). My research started with oil paint origins and their mixes to be able to portray emotions via colors. In 2015 summer, I joined Latvian group of professional painters of various associations at one of the most known plain air gatherings in Vestiena, Latvia.

Because of time spent there – head and heart full of new knowledge and ideas – by autumn I was a student at the University of the Arts in London – Central Saint Martins, learning about painting techniques and mixing colours with Rodger Gill. Year later I joined Art Student League of New York for Anatomy and Drawing course with Peter Cox. I put a great effort into being able to spend my vacations from work by studying art and painting, and painting at home in the evenings.

I started by posting my paintings on Saatchi Art online gallery and after a successful sell there, I make sure my profile is up to date with latest work. Joined Fine Arts America soon after and I’m very thankful for feedback from American painters and art lovers like me. Starting from year 2014 I was lucky to exhibits in castles and manors across Latvia and in 2015 March received an Excellence award at an international All Women 2015 art exhibition. Proud member of StartUpArt young artists platform in Latvia. I hope you enjoy my work! All paintings done on fibre canvas.