Studies at Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London

In 2015 summer, I joined Latvian group of professional painters of various associations at one of the most known plain air gatherings in Vestiena, Latvia. Because of time spent there – head and heart full of new knowledge and ideas – by autumn I was a student at the University of the Arts in London – Central Saint Martins, learning about painting techniques and mixing colors with Rodger Gill. Rodger showed various details I, a self thought painter, had no clue about – e.g. how to mix paints with a knife, what is the color wheel, the model painting and drawing. Mr. Gill summarized my talent as a gift for color and matching various tones.

If anybody is in doubt whether need to study there, I definitely suggest to study. If not for the skill and knowledge given by the University, then for meeting amazing people – talented artists I still keep in touch with and am proud to know – Chloe, owner and founder of Bright Corner and Hala Mouzannar, co-founder and designer of Madame Reve.

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