A woman in a red skirt

Like many, during the lockdown and the time of restrictions imposed for traveling, I tend to my memories and thoughts of travels yet to embark. Thinking about my trip to Italy this summer – one I most probably won’t be able to make (or if I will – it will not be the same as planned). The warm breeze of the afternoon wind at a terrace of a home, the table covered in southern tiles, lemons, and a woman thinking if her husband will be OK with just asparagus with some strawberries and balsamico for a light lunch, or, again, will want something more serious (as she’s taking care he has enough vegetables in his diet). The look in her eyes says she decided she will not ask him – she will just serve the asparagus.

The bright colors and their combination is a definite call for positivity and warm summer sun.

I always paint with oil paints, they provide the necessary depth of thought. The canvas is a high-quality fiber stretched on a wooden carcass.

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