My paintings in art magazine!

It’s out! 8th edition of Create Magazine with NYC art gallery Tax Collection curated section of young artists – my works among them 

Create! Magazine Issue 8

It’s finally here! Thank you so much for your patience as we put together our 8th (🙀) edition of #createmagazine 🙌 Each issue is a serious labor of love between our designers, artists, curators and editors. It’s always amazing to be able to gather art from all over the world on printed pages but it takes a lot of commitment from everyone involved. We are proud to meet so many amazing people and will continue our journey in indie publishing for as long as we are here 💪✨💫 Orders are being shipped as we speak, you should see the copies in @mcnallyjackson in a week and in a few weeks in London and Amsterdam. Thank you for supporting us. 😘🍭 Cover art by Drømsjel and curation by TAX Collection.

Geplaatst door Create Magazine op Maandag 19 februari 2018

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