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My drawings on photos

The marker functionality on iPhones is excellent. It is as simple and basic as Paint on Windows, and because it doesn’t offer you a gazillion of editing features and palettes, you can just paint/draw the basics without the allure of all the details. When traveling without paints, I tend to make drawings on my own photos with fingers with that […]
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On holiday without paints

Once again, iphone marker function in Photos saved me during a trip to Bellagio. Done with fingers on my photos made there.     These drawings also served for little idea with eco linen bags –
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Feeling urge to paint

I’m on holiday and feeling urge to paint. Oil paints (and all necessary equipment) are difficult to pack in cabin luggage just in case I feel like it. I don’t have any tools, except iPhone photo function with two markers, my fat fingers, 5 colors and eraser. God praise those markers and base colors! 🙏 ❤      
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